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The partners at Revolvis Consulting

are focused on one thing: winning.


Jason Roe and Duane Dichiara met in San Diego in 1995, and as two aggressive young political operatives, they watched and learned about campaigns – and committed to doing it better than what they saw. They spent their evenings talking about the campaigns they worked on and rehashed what they thought consultants did well, or not so well. They talked about how they would do it differently if they had their own firm.


They talked about a firm that took fewer clients and paid more attention to each individual race. No more cookie-cutter-one-size-fits-all campaigns. They envisioned a firm made up of experienced campaigners unafraid to get their hands dirty or work through the night.


They talked about a firm that would take the lead of private sector marketing companies and harness the most up-to-date technologies to make political advertising more about data than hunches. A company that would win through careful targeting based on research and analysis.


They examined how political advertising was getting more expensive but having less impact. How they could use voter identification and new technologies to mount effective field operations that mobilized supporters. And they began testing these theories in the field on the campaigns they managed.


They talked about a firm with transparent, up-front billing practices. As managers who kept budgets, they were shocked at the “you scratch my back, I’ll wash yours” practices in the industry – practices that enriched consultants, and left clients with less money to campaign, and debts to pay back.


They knew it wouldn’t be easy to start this kind of business. They knew they needed more real world experience. They needed to learn from the best. So they made a decision: Jason went off to Washington, DC and Duane headed to Sacramento with a plan that one day, they would return and start that dream firm.


More than a decade later, REVOLVIS opened its doors.




A Political Consultancy



Revolvis is a full-service boutique campaign consulting firm with offices in Washington DC, Sacramento, San Diego and Seattle.

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